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We will Cherish every Wonderful Memory of a Great Man you were to All of Us. Love you Keith & Annie Chris & Aileen, Jackie & Mike. Patti, George and Grace, sister Patty and all others who loved this young man. I came down from New Hampshire to visit family every Christmas and summer.

Promise to watch and take care of your beautiful Ann. Our hearts are heavy with sadness for Gary's family...

Jeanette I am so grateful for all the memories I have with you; playing golf, dinners, weddings, unfortunately funerals too.

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I remember the stories of you racing with Joey and Michelle, bodysurfing, etc.no matter what age you were - you were simply the "best"! xoxo Lynn Dear Aunt Rosalie and cousins, So very sorry for your loss of Uncle Dick. People would always come up to me and say things like, "your father is a great guy", "Uncle Tony is a great guy", "Papa is great".Dad credited his military experience for providing structure and sense of accomplishment in his life.When he returned from the Army, he found a career in the Insurance industry.Prayers for strength to carry you through the days and weeks ahead. Jeanette was always very open and welcoming, making me feel part of an extended family. At Christmas time there were her festive parties and in later years we would look over old photos remembering past events and people.

In the summer my favorite thing would be going to Jones beach, weather permitting, and getting in some surf and sun. I will always remember those visits and now any time I am on a sunny, sandy beach I will think of Jeanette.Despite a tough childhood, he excelled at All Hallows', one of the top high schools in the City, where he was even elected Class President.After high school, it was off to the Army, where he rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant.They are all amazing boys and will live their lives inspired by their Papa. The kind that usually kills a person or leaves them severely disabled. Through arduous physical therapy and determination, Dad regained his speech and most of his physical capabilities.But the stroke lead to other ailments and he would be limited the past few years of his life.Two years later, Michele arrived and I followed about two years after Michele.