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The millions of times I have been asked 'How do you have sex?' are uncountable at this point in time." The best answer Jessie could come up with is that to him "sex is more than just physical pleasure." He explains: It is the need to satisfy your partner in a way that they will only allow you to do for them.

Jessie Knouse, a college student currently transitioning from female to male, wants to educate people around him about what it means to be transgender and what the experience of transitioning has been like for him so far: I would rather people ask me questions than assume what the answer would be.If we are to change the world and create better equality and acceptance, how can we accomplish this by remaining silent?The longer he researched what being transgender means, the more he felt sure he is a transgender man himself.The moment he realized he was 100-percent sure this is him came when he found himself looking in the mirror one morning at college.Other than that experience, I get irritable and upset just like any other person. " Before Jessie came out as transgender, he identified as a lesbian.

Jessie says, "If you are a lesbian and reading this, you already know where this is heading.

It is the mental bond created by pleasing your partner in whichever way she prefers and understanding the different ways to touch her that really get her going.

Sex is not sticking a penis into a vagina but an activity of mental bonding between two people who trust each other enough to give them this prize of satisfaction. " Jessie wants everyone to think about this fun fact: The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, while the penis has only 4,000 nerve endings.

Another aspect that will change is the hair growth in his genital region.

As a woman he grew very coarse pubic hair just above his vagina but not extending past the crease to his leg.

Now that he has been on testosterone, his pubic hair is finer and softer as well as growing on the joining portion of his pelvis and thighs.