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We measured professionalism by looking at whether patients thought they had been treated respectfully and whether their doctor seemed technically competent, took their medical history into account, listened with patience and understanding, and spent enough time with them.

The more of those standards their doctors met, the higher the patients' overall satisfaction.

We will be in there early and out there for a long, long time in order to account for each and every person.

On the tenth day of the tenth month in the tenth year of the millennium, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) will be deploying an army of 120 000 people dressed in yellow bibs who will be combing the length and breadth of South Africa.On that day, this army of peace will enlist households and their members from the undulating hills of Kwa Zulu-Natal to the flat planes of the Free State.The African Renaissance, South Africa’s march to a better quality of life, should and needs to be anchored on a strong knowledge and information base.The two censuses do provide the basic tenets for such a future; the third one consolidates and raises even better hope for this sought-out better quality for all.Not many of us have had this privilege and I bet I am the only one to have led at least four such undertakings.

No ship that is laden has its water mark on the lowest part of its base. With such responsibility we therefore need to remain humble, like a ship loading at the dock.

D., president of the Center for Advancing Health, a patient-advocacy group in Washington, D. Gruman said that because of a health history that included three separate bouts of cancer, her longtime primary-care doctor urged her to tell him promptly about any new symptom, no matter how minor, that lasted more than two days.

"I hate the idea that my health is fragile," she said.

Our census enumerators will take stock of the great Mapungubwe, and will pour numerical libation to the greats of Limpopo.

Mpumalanga, the province in the sun, will be covered. For you to know and understand South Africa, Census 2011 needs to access you; therefore you need to open your hearts, your minds, your doors, your communities, your suburbs and your villages to the census. On 10 October 2011, we will visit you and ask you a number of questions about your age, sex, employment, education, income, and births and deaths that occurred in the household, and about household and family arrangements.

We are not alone in this endeavour – the world has gone ahead of us.