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The final rites of a burial, in case of untimely death of a child, is rooted in Rig Veda's section 10.18, where the hymns mourn the death of the child, praying to deity Mrityu to "neither harm our girls nor our boys", and pleads the earth to cover, protect the deceased child as a soft wool.

He circumambulates the dry wood pyre with the body, says a eulogy or recites a hymn in some cases, places sesame seed in the dead person's mouth, sprinkles the body and the pyre with ghee (clarified butter), then draws three lines signifying Yama (deity of the dead), Kala (time, deity of cremation) and the dead.

Funerals in Islam (called Janazah in Arabic) follow fairly specific rites.

The word funeral comes from the Latin funus, which had a variety of meanings, including the corpse and the funerary rites themselves.Funerary art is art produced in connection with burials, including many kinds of tombs, and objects specially made for burial with a corpse.Burial rituals should normally take place as soon as possible and include: In Judaism, funerals follow fairly specific rites, though they are subject to variation in custom.Funerals in Judaism share many features with those of Islam.Jewish religious laws such as halakha call for burial of the body, preceded by a basic ritual involving bathing and shrouding the body, accompanied by prayers and readings from the Torah.

Cremation of the body is forbidden in Orthodox Judaism, but allowed in Reform Judaism.Differing beliefs about cleanliness and the relationship between body and soul are reflected in funerary practices.When a funerary ceremony is performed but the body of the deceased is not available, it is usually called a memorial service or celebration of life.The Bahá'í decedent often controls some aspects of the Bahá'í funeral service, since leaving a will and testament is a requirement for Bahá'ís.Since there is no Bahá'í clergy, services are usually conducted under the guise, or with the assistance of, a Local Spiritual Assembly.archaeologists have discovered Neanderthal skeletons with a characteristic layer of flower pollen.