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be VERY much alert and aware if you are using online dating sites.It is very easy to be fooled on the net and pictures doesn't always tell the truth.These kind of scams should be stopped and the Datings ites should acknowledge their responsibility in doing so. The dating site administrators ARE aware of this problem.

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The hacker then claims to be with the Ann Arbor Police Department and offers a choice: render payment in the form of a pre-paid debit card or "other similar transaction," or be prosecuted. Investigators do use the phone to contact suspects, said Lt. But police would never suggest that someone could escape criminal charges by paying hush money.

"We're never going to use the leverage of a criminal investigation to extort money," Lige said.

But sadly most of them really do not care about fake profiles, pictures being abused by strangers and paying users being played for fools by other users.

Only a few dating sites write in clear text that it is illegal to post other peoples pictures and to violate copyright laws.

The people behind what Lige called a "textbook extortion scheme" will claim, using the names of current Ann Arbor police officials, that they've been in contact with the family of the underage girls whose pictures had supposedly been posted. Then they'll quote a price and say that if the money is paid, the victim won't be prosecuted.

Hackers have not yet gone so far as to actually post explicit images on the victims' pages. Several victims have notified Ann Arbor of being harassed in this way. Officers' names have been used, but not yet photos.

Many users are not aware that the person writing love letters to them through dating sites is not always what he/she appears to be.

From what I haven been told by several users, the fake profiles are probably made only for one purpose: to cheat naive men into sending money to the person hiding behind a false name and picture.

The hackers not only have to learn the names of Ann Arbor police personnel but the real names of the victims.

People often use screen names on dating websites."And there are probably dozens who have paid up, who we'll never hear about," Lige said.

Extortion schemes in online dating have existed since there's been online dating.